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Publisert 19. mars 23
Av: Trondhjems arkitektforening

Transborder Studio (Oslo)

Velkommen til forelesning ved Øystein Rø fra Transborder Studio! Transborder jobber blant annet med Leangen i Trondheim.

Publisert 19.03.2023
Av: Trondhjems arkitektforening

Fra transborderstudio.com: Transborder Studio is an Oslo-based office working on projects in the fields of architecture and urbanism, with a particular focus on cities and spaces for living, working and culture. Transborder works on all scales, from small interventions to large urban projects, often with a unique blend of program, context and history. Transborder Studio was founded in 2013 by Espen Røyseland and Øystein Rø after running the art and architecture gallery 0047 in Berlin and Oslo for ten years. Today, the partner group has expanded to also include Siri Lundestad and Maja Egge Šipuš.

Bilde: Skjermdump fra transborderstudio.com, prosjekt "Huset", Leangen, Trondheim.